Why Everyone Needs a Salad Cutter Bowl!

They say no great story ever started with someone eating a salad, but we beg to differ. They obviously didn't have a Salad Cutter Bowl 2.0 to make rinsing, chopping and serving that salad fast, convenient and — dare we say it — fun!

Folks, meet the 60-second salad maker from The Innovative Kitchen. It's a best-selling bowl that lets you wash your ingredients, chop them up and serve them in one place. It works with all kinds of lettuce, veggies, and fruits, so you can really get creative with those spring and summer salads.

Here's how it works: You put your veggies and greens in the bowl, wash them (the bowl has slits that allow the water to drain), then secure the lid to the base. Flip it over and use a knife to cut through the slits of the bowl. For smaller pieces, rotate the cover and cut through the slits again.

Last but not least, flip the salad bowl right side up, and enjoy! Both the slotted bowl and the lid are top-rack dishwasher-safe, so cleanup is quick and easy.

If you've been looking for a way to get your greens or incorporate more healthy fruits and veggies into your diet, our Salad Cutter Bowl is just what need.


Every Modern Kitchen Needs A Salad Bowl Cutter - Grab Your Today!



How To Use

  1. Put all your ingredients in the strainer bowl, wash it under the water.
  2. Set up the cover and the bowl and slice.
  3. Rotate the bowl, slice again, and you're all done. If you want smaller pieces of salad, just repeat this step and slice as often as you like.
  4. You're ready to enjoy a nicely sliced salad.


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