A spacious storage rack for your refrigerator that offers a smart storage addition.

With the help of an easy to attach plastic drawer for your refrigerator, you will finally be able to organize your fridge. Allowing you to keep each item in its space, allowing you to create easy access for all your foods. In addition, these pull out drawers are the ideal way to add storage to any refrigerator, as they can easily slide on the glass shelf. Instantly creating the space you need. 

Moreover, the refrigerator drawer offers 5.9” of width, 1.9” of height, and is 5.5” long. Along with a sturdy built, that allows you to store your foods, fruits, and drinks with great ease. Making these flexible, and lightweight drawers easy to use. So you can easily grab all the items that you need, and place them back in their desired place with great ease.


Make your life easier with a stylish refrigerator drawer; and make your life organized today!


  • Food safe plastic
  • Additional storage for your refrigerator
  • Keep foods organized
  • Comes in a range of colors to choose from


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