Soft Or Hard Boiled Eggs?

No matter what you answered, the solution to your problems is the Eggsact Eggtimer! Never undercook a softboiled egg or overcook a hardboiled egg again. This simple yet innovative egg cooking timer tool takes the guesswork out of cooking eggs. 

The Eggsact Eggtimer's graduated scaled show when eggs are soft, medium or hard by sending head instead of time. 


No more stupid timers, the Eggsact Eggtimer does it for you - Get yours today!





  • Heat sensitive Egg Timer
  • Soft boiled egg exactly as you like them
  • Hard boiled eggs are no longer overcooked
  • Easy to clean. Just cool on the counter. 



  • Eco-Friendly
  • Diameter: 56 x 40 mm
  • Colors: Red & White


PERSONAL TIP! When I want softboiled eggs, I use Medium on the Eggsact Eggtimer. However, if you like really softboiled eggs, go for Soft. For hardboiled eggs, I wait until the Eggsact Eggtimer has completely changed its color to white. Enjoy!


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