Welcome to The Innovative Kitchen!

We are a small family business that is passionate about kitchen accessories and food, hopefully, just like you are. At The Innovative Kitchen, we stock a wide collection of kitchen wares for various purposes. These range from accessories needed for Preparing to Cooking, Drinkware, Tablewares, Storage, and Organization, and more.

Besides doing business, as a family, we love cooking and always want to cherish every bit of the time we spend in our kitchen. This is the very same experience we hope to pass on to each of our customers by being their one-stop destination for amazing kitchen wares. It’s our belief that our products will help make your routine in the kitchen easier as well as give you some pleasurable moments every time you’re set to prepare your delicacies.

At The Innovative Kitchen, we target exclusively high quality and durable products. These products are carefully curated from only trusted brands to ensure that our cherished customers get the most value for their money in every purchase.

Check out our collections today, we’re convinced that you’ll be amazed at most of the offerings.


Our Story

As most businesses, The Innovative Kitchen began very little. At first, we only sold products in our homeland, the Faroe Islands. These included homemade tablecloths and aprons. But, then, we had a vision for doing more...

So we poured over ideas for inspiration, bantered back and forth about brand names that we liked while still figuring out the products we would one day offer. Throughout this period, we were considering what we’ll be happy selling and what our customers will be happy buying.

We finally settled on our brand name and chose to offer a wide collection of kitchen accessories. The latter being with the understanding that it will take more than just a selected few items to keep having an amazing time in the kitchen. But just before we could launch out, our little girl also played a role; it was in helping us get our slogan.

We had settled on a brand name and choice of products to offer to our customers, but we needed a slogan attached to the brand. Just then, she inspired "You. Me. Kitchen!" as she one day insisted on having her dad joined her in the kitchen. She was two years old at the time and was just learning how to put sentences together. In addition to this being a cute and fun story, the slogan sums up what our business is all about. Togetherness in the kitchen!

We probably did most things backward, but here we are. Today, we are partnering with different companies worldwide from various suppliers and manufacturers to give you better choices and options at best prices. And the feedback we get from satisfied customers almost every day keeps us encouraged to do more. This is a height we never thought of reaching so soon even though we had the desire for more!

The business might have grown, now, but we are still the same, kitchen lovers, behind it and customer satisfaction still remains our #1 priority. Our friendly support team is always ready to make your shopping experience effortless and hassle-free. If you have any concerns or if you're looking for a shopping partner for any of your kitchen needs, always know that you've got us here at The Innovative Kitchen.